Level-Headed Temperament, Trainability, Devotion.
Residing in the town of Eatonville in Washington State, Bolenhaus Shepherds is an endeavor to breed well rounded, healthy German Shepherds that are of great temperament, versatile levelheadedness and with good hips/elbows, strong bones and good health. Great for both the companion and working home life.  We hope to craft a line of quality, top notch German Shepherds that will benefit as a member of the family, someone's best friend or as an asset to a working home life. Also, we hope to create a line of Shepherd's that will be a great example of the breed, while scrutinizing ALL potential clients to ensure the homes provided meet our standards(we have and will deny your purchase if we are not comfortable with you and your home). This is our craft, a work of love and respect for this breed, and we hope you will take in one of our amazing dogs!

To inquire about our dogs or to purchase a puppy, please contact us through the means in the Contact Us section.
It is under this great mountain, :tahoma:(or Mt. Rainier, as it's popularly known as) that we raise and craft our dogs. While walking our dogs, it is utterly breath-taking to see this great stone high above us, and we like to think it has an effect on these Shepherds of ours.
Bolenhaus Shepherds by name, operation and this site is owned by Dallas Bolen.
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